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Betmatch is blockchain solution for bookmakers by RevelDevelopment, that combines a classic business model, related to traditional betting cases, executed in trustless paradigm using blockchain technology with the social betting network as a second (community) layer.

•A decentralized betting service

•Trustless betting in one click

•MVP - https://betmatch.io/

•Revenue-based social system for sports analysts, influencers, and teams

•Not just a promise, but an operating business model

•Fast and trustless funds transfer via ETH/BTC

•Honesty. Code is the guarantee of payout

•Self-scaling business model based on social ecosystem

•A game-changer in customer experience

Target audience

•Players – customers who want to bet using ETH

•Passive delegates – token holders who lease their tokens to earn cash flow

•Active delegates – analysts, service providers and influencers that provide services in exchange for cash flow

•Betting platforms – other platforms that want to use Betmatch

A token holder receives the right to use a part of the Betmatch service for free AND has the opportunity to lease his tokens to other users in order to “resell” his discount to others.

•Token value is directly connected to the size and the number of bets made within the platform

•Dynamic calculations of stacking requirements ensure that the optimal number of tokens are required for each bet

•Tokens provide cash-flow to the owner by virtue of lending it to other users

•Users hold XBM tokens on balance. In case of placing a bet, tokens are frozen and commissions can become zero percent

•Passive delegates can lease XBM tokens to other players automatically if the demand in the system exists. They can earn up to 3.25% commissions for all bets placed using their tokens

•Active delegates or social betting providers can charge other users in different ways or lease tokens out to earn more stable revenue compared to passive delegates

•Customers gain overall benefit by saving up to 3.5% of betting commissions and up to 3% of withdrawal fees

What do backers receive?

•XBM tokens are a digital asset designed to provide the  access to Betmatch system with low or no commissions and potentially to earn a share the total system’s commissions

•Active use of XBM ensures cash flow for users


Two stage TGE BetMatch road map

Stage 1 (Private sale) o Time line 01 October 2018 – 30 December 2018

o   Hard cap 5 000 000 USD (USD 3.5mio While label // USD 1.5mio XBM tokens)

o   General goal is to sell 7 White label packages, 500 000 USD each, raising 

USD 3 500 000  o Sub goal to sell XBM tokens with 10% discount on the equivalent USD1 500 000 

Stage 2 (Public sale)

▪ Time line 01 Januar 2018 – April 2019 (4-6 months)

▪ Release of Beta version of BetMatch platform, fully tested  and audited by reputed 3rd party;

▪ Launch product development strategy which consists of: ready to use betting lines on core sports events, ready to use betting lines on core cybersports events, customer development in ally with

www.hybridinteraction.com (Shahar Attias – global top expert in CRM betting/gambling industry);  

▪ Finalize all the legal issues – license in Curaçao (Puerto Rico/Malta);

▪ Listing on the decentralized and small and medium centralized crypto exchanges with full market making strategy and marketing/PR strategy;

▪ After showing stable development of the business and customer volume increase along with betting volume, BetMatch seeks for listing on TOP 5 crypto exchanges (Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, Gate, Polonex) to execute stage 2 TGE, where:

• Goal is to sell off the remaining XBM tokens* at the best possible price for the retail investors;

• Try to sell one or more White label packages in case the technology is ready to use (make a buy back and resell or sell to a third party)

* Remaining XBM  tokens means: the amount allocated for the public audience, including private sold volumes during stage 1 & 2. BetMatch can sell tokens out of exchanges to the private investors, decreasing volume for public sell. Means – private token sale starts 01/10/18 and ends once all tokes are sold out.Key differentiators and advantages

•Cryptocurrency only – no banks or external institutions involved

•Decentralized fund storage and bet execution – customers have full control over their money and all payouts are guaranteed by code

•High limits, low commissions – customers can win more with every bet

•Improved user experience – transparent social betting network means customers can monetize their social interactions

Ultimate selling points

•Trustless storage of the user’s funds

•Immune social betting system with easy monetization

•Zero-commission betting for token holders

•Established business model with existing business partnerships

Betmach Cooperation
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Specialist Marketing – BetMatch
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Reply5 months ago

Cool project! I appreciate your team a lot! Good luck!

Reply5 months ago
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