Blockchain Technology for Clean Green Energy

COMBINING: The Latest in Blockchain Technology Distributed Ledger – Smart Contracts with “Token Shield” AND The Revolutionary GEM machines for “Clean Green Energy”

How does the universal energy coin add value for its investors?

Unlike traditional currencies and most forms of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the Universal Energy Coin is backed by an electricity to be sold commitment meaning UE Coin values grow according to a gross revenue share of the sold electricity with its clean green electricity providers.

Unlike traditional stock options, the UE Coin is tradable cryptocurrency and with a limited initial coin offering the scarcity of the coin contributes more to its value.

If you need more reasons to support the Universal Energy Coin consider how buying the UE Coin will help fund research and development of other forms of Clean, Green and renewable energy.

Becoming a UE Coin holder means joining a growing community concerned about the state of our environment and dedicated to our planet’s health. And this exciting opportunity offered by the Universal Energy will begin with our first energy technology - The SEG.

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