The Hub of Communication and Collaboration based on Blockchain Technology.

The Hub of Communication and Collaboration based on Blockchain Technology. Uchit introduces a hub of communication and collaborative tools for Individuals, Professionals and Business Entities which isn't available with existing tools. The development of Uchit is the ultimate end-to-end solution for - Personal use such as communication with friends and families. Professional use such as collaboration for programmers, musicians, artists, etc. Professional use such as communication between Investors, Projects, Freelancers, etc. Enterprise use for corporates. Webistes that want to have community features on their own webiste. (We will provide APIs) and much more. At the end, Our aims to integrate all professionals, companies, employees, and business collaboration assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make projects and business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.
Siddhant Dixit
Siddhant DixitLinkedin
Founder/CEO at CRASS Infotech
Arpit CRASSLinkedinTwitter
Chief Marketing Officer at CRASS Infotech
Filip Poutintsev
Filip PoutintsevLinkedin
Arafat Akata
Arafat AkataLinkedin
A freelancer, Co-founder @ coinkwara
Prateek Singh Thapa
Prateek Singh ThapaTwitter
Prateek Singh Thapa
Gidhun Mp
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Rohan Tandon
Rohan Tandon

Team of professionals ... great work

Replyon April 11th, 2018
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