Twilight Coin

Blockchain-based Crowdfunding Platform for Anime Creators & Fans

We can make an unprecedented innovation against the today's severe circumstances surrounding anime creators by utilizing blockchain technology. The “C2C(Creator to Customer) Anime Production System” which is a decentralized crowdfunding platform for fund raising, production and distribution for anime works will be realized in this Project.

This platform enables creators and anime studios in any countries or regions to…
- Raise production funds in Ethereum by issuing and selling digital items, such as autographs, original drawings, audio data, and admission tickets, directly to their supporters
- Manage distribution rights by issuing and selling tokens describing contract terms
- Execute all transactions automatically by smart contracts
In order to use the platform, Twilight Coin (TWC) is deposited as a utility token.

Olcaytu Turk
Olcaytu TurkLinkedin
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