Tixeet - TIXI token pre-sale

Join the future of live music

• Tixeet is an integrated platform to set up event crowdfunding campaigns, in which venues and artists meet directly in a smart way and fans purchase event tickets within a crowdfunding approach.

• Tixeet allows any venue and any artist to set up event crowdfunding campaigns at no cost, thus removing any access barrier to the live music market.

• Tixeet removes the financial risk of setting up live music events by crowdfunding the events via ticket pre-sale.

• Tixeet provides a fair ticket price model that ensures all event costs are covered and fans always pay the minimum possible price.

• Tixeet’s model ultimately aims at reviving and pushing the live music scene of the local communities.

• Tixeet sits between and improves events showcases like Facebook events and crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter.

Giulio Gola
Giulio GolaLinkedinTwitter
Building the future of live music
Carlo Venusino
Carlo VenusinoLinkedin
Founder / CTO at Tixeet
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