TheBike Coin, The future of Bike, Health by Cryptocurrency.

The Bike is Complete Solution for the future of healthcare using the bike. Now you can Easily Finance Health Care worldwide using Cryptocurrency and most relevant APIs. 

Many people in Europe, China and the Asian countries (information to look for) are hit every day in the world by cardial vascular problems such as high blood pressure and others. In more than 90 percent of cases of consultation, the doctors recommend to practice sports, and especially to do physical exercises with a very regular heart rate. But due to multiple country bills at the end of the month such as (electricity, water, gas, ...), we do not always find time to spend only sports.

Noticed there in Beijing and in some countries, we could use share bike to travel around and at the end you will keep it somewhere and lock it for the next person to use it. It is quite simple to use and efficient. Imagine you have your own personal bike at home and your home is for example in Hangzhou and you which to visit Beijing as it was in my case, can you take your bike along with you? I think no. Another fact is that in the same city, bus or taxis can’t go everywhere, and even if they can, it will be very expensive to get down every time, visit the place then take another taxi or bus to another place. Those facts are the main reasons while the idea of share became a great success. So after Beijing, going to another city, Chengdu wanted to see the pandas. But in Chengdu, the shared bike was not arrive yet, unfortunately, needed to spend a lot of money for that particular trip.  And directly had the idea of learning how this technology works and bring it to others cities.


So to overcome this problem, TheBike proposes to reapply the concept of shared bikes that already exists in several countries in all potentials.

The concept of shared bike: how does it work and in which countries is it used?

Initially, the concepts determine which points or crossroads of the city will be used as bike parks. Afterwards, they record their geographical points and when a potential user is in need, he proceeds in three stages to get possession of the bike. The first is to find the nearest bike pack. For this, he uses the application proposed by the company. Then he uses the app to scan the QR of the bike and this is the unlock bike. Once at your destination, simply park your bike safely and legally and lock it manually to automatically end the trip.

The world is growing so fast and more and more new technologies are coming out. But it takes time for many countries to benefit. The sharing of coins has been going on for many years, but few people around the world are able to benefit from this opportunity. But also some observations on the existing technology:

  • Ø   Each company uses its means of payment
  • Ø   Each country sets up its technology and means of payment
  • Ø   No motivation for users to pedal even if it is not expensive
  • Ø   Cycling problem detection is not effective
  • Ø   Bicycle management system is still a mess


TheBike is here to solve the limits of the shared bike concept by using crypto currency and the underlying technology of blockchain. So to do this, TheBike proposes to: Reapply the concept of shared bike in more than 80 countries of the world by developing APIs that will use crypto currency as a means of global payment and integration into existing systems.

Among other things, TheBike has a dual mission: to create an API that can be used by any shared Bike Company, and to bring back this shared bike concept in more than 80 countries around the world to solve health problems and congratulate them, among other things, on trips.


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