StoneToken ICO

StoneToken is the blockchain-based project of Tokenization of  real stocks of raw materials - the underlying asset (crushed stone),  located in Slantsy, Leningrad region of the Russian Federation and held on the balance sheet of the company " Pervaya GoK".

StoneToken is an Asset-backed token, which is a digital double of the real (physical) asset.

StoneToken aims to construct a plant for producing a mineral powder with the capacity of 200,000 tons/year in Slantsy city, Leningrad region, RF.

(Depending on the Fund raising, during the ICO, the plant capacity may be reduced. The minimum required amount for plant construction - $ 2 million).

The project initiator has reserves of raw materials in  amount of 10 million cubic meters, which is approximately 12.5 million of tons and the total value of 637 million rubles ($ 11 million). (Assessment of 07/08, 2017).

Kirill Protsenko
Kirill ProtsenkoLinkedin
StoneToken ICO
Nikolay Murilev
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Kirill Protsenko
Kirill Protsenko
StoneToken ICO

The real economy and cryptocurrencies are the future.

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1 USD (100 cents)
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BTC, ETH, Waves
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