An ICO maker that will work together with SwitchX as a multifunctional exchange.

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We introduce a new stage of support for entrepreneurs and the development of new business ideas, that will open up the potential market for cryptocurrencies and its multiple functions. The SprintX platform will have diverse features such as: Accommodate the development of new ICOs. Automatically incorporate the tokens of these ICOs to the SwitchX Exchange. Actively participate in the launch and promotion of each ICO. Platform for generating Smart Contracts. Automatic development of Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Personalized advisory. Availability of banking entities for conversion to FIAT. Incorporation of a debit card automatically linked to your balance in cryptocurrency. Access to clients for the use of Hot and Cold Wallets. Access to Digital Strategy. Specialized advisors in diverse areas of the ICO.
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Eduardo Argueta
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Investigation Specialist at SprintX
Oscar Machado
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Product Development Specialist
Chelisa Acosta
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Douglas Lyons
Douglas Lyons
🦄 ICO Advisor/Coordinator, Consultant, Unicorn Hunter 🦄

I read the whitepaper. start to finish. 2x

in quotation right out of the whitepaper:

"The objective from the fund-raising of the ICO is to provide SprintX with enough means for its proper evolution,
achieve the objectives and benefit its owners."

Nice Whitepaper format... great up to the token allocation model.
%20 biz dev / prod dev = paychecks.
%15 Management = paychecks.
%10 advisors = ico cost.
%19 man / adv future reserve = future paychecks.....
%35 for public sale....... this is nothing but a big paycheck to all involved. there is nothing there for investor gain with this model. whomever came up with this model is very greedy and has no interest in the investor. this is a very bad investment.
This is the most blatent case of double dipping i have seen.

Replyon March 13th, 2018
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