Be The World's Eye

Snapparazzi is for:

- All people who have a smartphone (to be a Reporter)

- Video Content Creators (YouTubers)

Pre-ICO : 14/09 - 12/10

ICO : 15/10 - 30/11


2 MVP :

Snapparazzi TV (for content creators):
Auction platform (which allow reporters to sell their video to the media) :



Facts - « TV versus Online » :

- Traditional media outlets (TV, Radio & Print) are declining in importance compared to online platforms (-4% each year!) - Millennials prefer YouTube over traditional TV at a ratio of 2 to 1, and 52% of them get their news online compared to only 23% via TV - As TV ad spending remains stagnant, mainstream media companies are actively trying to cut costs and overheads to remain competitive. This includes reducing the number of TV journalists and reporters employed…

Copyright Issues :

With the free availability of content on YouTube and other platforms, issues pertaining to content usage and ownership occur continuously. Unauthorised usage and infringement of video copyrights goes often unmonitored, with the result that content owners are not remunerated for the use of their content. 



Snapparazzi in a nutshell - Be The World’s Eye

Instant Content Monetization - Take photos and videos of unique events that you are witnessing during your daily routine. Use the Snapparazzi app to sell them to local and global media outlets, getting paid immediately for your efforts! Reporters, Content Creators, Moderators and Viewers earn SnapCoins!


Top 8 Advantages to join the community as a Viewer, a Content Creator, a Breaking News Reporter and a Moderator

- Transparency and automation of the auction system thanks to the smart contract

- Copyright protection

- Decentralized platform for fairer revenue sharing

- Payment without borders

- High as revenue distribution to content creators (60-80%)

- Each protagonist is paid (viewer, moderator, creator, reporter)

- It’s clearly a new way of blogging/doing journalism 

- Medias don’t need anymore to send a team on every event

Everyone earn SnapCoins with Snapparazzi

Breaking News Reporters ==> You share your footage with us. We share the profits with you!

Content Creators ==> The New Spielberg is among us!

Moderators ==> Moderate and boost your SnapStatus!

Viewers ==> Your time is money!



How It works?

!! You film, You earn !! Commission Fees - Video Content - Example :

1. Channel/YouTube account/Media bids $ 10,000 for your video footage

2. The bid is accepted by you

3. Channel/YouTube account/Media transfers $10,000 in Fiat currency to Snapparazzi. Then Snapparazzi convert it into SnapCoin.

4. Snapparazzi transfers the $8,000 equivalent ($10,000 - 18% commission + 2% Moderators fund) in SnapCoins to you

5. The transaction is recorded on the blockchain through our Smart Contract


Are you a Content Creator? YouTube Versus Snapparazzi

YouTube :

- The distribution of revenues for content creators is also increasingly uneven, with the top 3% of YouTubers receiving 90% of all views and earning 90% of ad revenues

- 99% of YouTube content providers earn less than $100 monthly for their activity

- In addition, a cumulative balance of at least $100 is necessary in order for an account owner to initiate payment to his/her account

With Snapparazzi :

- As a content creator you will earn SnapCoin when your uploaded video is watched by users selecting to view with the advertisement option.

- You will receive a pro-rata reward based upon a 60% share of the advertising revenue paid by the advertiser to Snapparazzi.

Damien Larquey
Ruben Valle
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