The World's First Opportunity Supermarket

SANCOJ is the World’s First Opportunity Supermarket, built on the Ethereum blockchain, uses Artificial Intelligence to predict users’ career success rate and suggest the most profitable opportunities, to them.


The word ‘Sancoj’, is an Esperanto word that means ‘opportunities’ in English. Sancoj’s goal is to reduce (if not eliminate) hunger, failure, lack of opportunities and underutilization of human capabilities by bringing most opportunities in one place and thereby using Artificial Intelligence to predict and suggest the most profitable opportunities for each user. It has a MARKETPLACE, EVENT MANAGEMENT MODULE, CHAT, FULL-TIME JOB, TALENT MANAGEMENT, FREELANCE PROJECTS, LENDING, FRANCHISE, DISTRIBUTORSHIP, ETC., modules. It also has AI agent that analyses user data + available opportunities to help user make sensitive career decisions. SANCOJ is FREE to use. It charges 0% commission.

We are already building the Sancoj platform and will release Alpha Version on April 1,2018. Click here to join the TESTING CREW.


Zingo is an Artificial Intelligence Agent built into the Sancoj platform to analyze user data and suggest the most profitable opportunities to the user. We noticed that many people make career decisions based on their area of specialization and training, current financial status, current location, family ties, etc. They do not take into consideration the possibilities that other factors can offer. Zingo also looks into the opportunities made available by their Religion, Childhood experience, Past locations, Physical attributes, Natural Talent, Lifestyle, Belief System, Hobbies, Relationship, etc., and predict the success rates for different available opportunities. It will then suggestion to user, the most profitable and help user navigate through the obvious limitations user may have. Example of this can be LACK OF FUND.Zingo will help user alert possible funders and help negotiate the repayment conditions taking into consideration, INTEREST RATE, DURATION, etc.


We realized that:

1. Lack of opportunity: Many people do not have opportunities to do the things that will make them succeed in life. In most countries, people tend to struggle, if they are not born with silver spoons.

Example; There is a market in Lagos called Alaba International Market. It is the biggest electronics market in West Africa. Once you visit the market, you will be greeted by many people who will be asking you what you need.

Do you know that 80% of those people in Alaba, do not have a single product or shop of their own? They sell for product and shop owners for tiny amount which may not even cover their fare, back home. It will take them so many years to save up those tiny fees as capital to start their own businesses because they will need shops, products, power supply, etc. This problem is present in most countries.

What if these people have the opportunity to use their tiny money to get products and sell them, without worrying about shop, power, etc? They can sell without paying commission to the platform. They will also be exempted from bank (payment transfer) charges through PEER TO PEER transfers.

2. Lack of fund: Some people that know what to do, do not have fund to execute those BIG PICTURE ideas. When they go to banks for a loan, they will be told; “go and bring document of a house at Banana Island, as collateral”. Seriously? Someone looking for business capital has a house in Banana Island? What an irony of life?

The Sancoj platform offers opportunities to get fund from other users without collateral, at competitive rates (if any).

3. Under Utilization of Self Capacity: More others, under-utilize their brain capacity. They do not know how to think OUTSIDE THE BOX. They rely on just the things within their immediate environment. They think; “I read computer science. Let me find computer related job”. They go round seeking the limited computer job, without noticing the opportunities their environment, religion, culture, parents’ occupation, upbringing, associations, etc can bring them. As humans, we limit ourselves to our area of training and exposure and this has caused so much failure, hunger and underdevelopment.

This is where ZINGO comes in. Since ZINGO thinks higher and faster than most human brains, it analyzes user information and suggests areas where user can be hugely successful, gives user opportunities in that direction, sort out needed fund and monitor user all the way.

4. Lack of Jobs: Unemployment rate is too high, worldwide. Jobs are not enough for applicants. Sancoj offers opportunities for people to get trained, network and start their own businesses. This has serious positive multiplier effect since one new business can hire 3 people in average per year, formally or informally.

So, if 1million people start their own business on Sancoj, they can hire 3million people which makes it 4million jobs created. How many people do you think can depend on each of them financially? Directly and indirectly, we can get average of 5 each. 5 x 4million will give us 20 million. Plus the main job owners (4million), it means that 24million people can be removed from hunger per year through Sancoj.

On your own, calculate how many people can be saved from hunger if Sancoj’s users get to 5 million, 10 million, etc.

5. Bankruptcy: On daily basis, businesses close up as a result of high cost of business operation and low revenue. On Sancoj, businesses can cut off middlemen and get materials straight from manufacturers or direct agents. They can also get cheap labor with flexible time and operating system. A London based business can hire someone in Belgium to just work 2 hours per day.

That saves money, cost of office, etc and still gives flexibility and international touch to the business. Businesses will pay for only the things they use.

The lists are enormous

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