Revelation Coin Project

A cryptocurreny preparedness coin

Doomsday Coin Is Coming!


A Cryptocurrency Team “Revelation Coin”, Announces Their Unique Project That Will Help Its Members To Bypass The Prophesied One World Currency System.


The Cryptocurrency Platform Which Was Designed With The Biblical Prophecy In The Book Of Revelation 13:16-17 In Mind, Will Help Its Members To Avoid Being Stamped With The Prophesied Mark Of The Beast.


The goal of the team members of this crypto project is to utilize blockchain technology as well as to continually partner with individuals and develop technologies so as to allow them have to a system in place that can be used by everyone who wishes to trade for goods and services in another form other than the predicted cashless banking system that is to come.


"Unlike other crypto companies, we are the only cryptocurrency project that is preparing for the Biblical Prophesied mark of the beast system of trading and this puts us in the position to be prepared," said a team member of the Revelation Coin project.


We realize that technology is constantly changing so through volunteers and initially paid developers, we will continually develop our platform to enable us stay ahead of the technology curve while also introducing newer technologies and methods to provide an alternative coin when the need arises,” the developer the project further added.


The developers of Revelation Coin plan on nurturing the project into one that will eventually become a completely community driven coin.

And upon the actualization of the agenda of the project, Revelation Coin whose token is known as Rev will function on a coalition to ensure the preservation of the integrity and intention of the project.


Furthermore, the Revelation Coin has been designed or molded to run on non-individualized servers or a single location. The project will run on the same concept ARPANET (TCP/IP) which cannot stop functioning when a location or server is shut down.


With the multi-server/location operating system of Revelation Coin, the project will stand apart from some other cryptocurrencies in the digital asset industry because this will make it almost impossible of the Rev Coin Platform to experience downtime or system failure.


The Revelation Coin project will initially function on the ERC20 platform and as part of the distribution of the Rev Coin, a total of ten billion tokens will be given away for free to anyone who wishes to become a participant.


To receive the free Rev Coins, interested individuals will only be required to fill out a form with a proper Ethernet ERC20 compatible wallet address where the coins can be delivered.


The team members of the project have decided against conducting a private sale, Initial Coin Offering, or any other form of sale.


For more information or inquiry about Revelation Coin, visit


Revelation Coin Project
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