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Virtual Money Logistic System

Pearl Pay is creating a solution to interconnect Payment, Remittance, Banking and Cryptocurrency. It will be solved using a comprehensive, secured and affordable Mobile Wallet OS and use Blockchain technology to lower the cost. Pearl Pay will target Philippines as its pilot country. Based on recent research, 70% of Filipino families has no bank accounts. There is also a high cost for domestic and international remittance which is a USD$33B industry in the Philippines.


Pearl Pay also identified that there more than 400 Rural Banks which has no foreign payment license. Payment licenses such as Mastercard, Visa or etc. The average cost to setup the infrastructure needed is approx. USD$4M.


Pearl Pay has four core products combined into a single integrated system we called VMLS (Virtual Money Logistics System) which provides a comprehensive “Mobile Payment and Money Transfer Platform as a Service” appropriately designed, of world-class quality, relevant for actual use and beneficial to the financial inclusion target market. It created a white-label product that will allow rural banks to launch their own virtual prepaid Pearl Pay and MasterCard accounts as fast as 30 days.

Jerwin Operio
Pearl Pay
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