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No server No cheating

Our gaming platform is unique and is aimed at the mass gambler. We offer our players the opportunity to make fixed instant bets in real time and only with real players. The outcome of the game is decided only by chance (RNG), and the win in the game is the highest possible, taking into account the bets made in the game, even taking into account the minimum bets of 0.0006 Eth.
* probability of winning the game: from-10% to-75%, 
* the possibility of winning ranges from 50 to 900% of the original bet.
In addition, absolutely every game in the rooms "IN A LUCKY CIRCLE" and "AMONG PROFESSIONALS" will participate in jackpot, formed from part of the profits from instant bets.

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No server No cheating
Alexander Soldatov
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How i can to play? Please, give me a link to playgame.

Reply4 months, 3 weeks, 3 days ago
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