ONAM Exchange

Globalizing Seamless Trading Under One Platform

ONAM is a truly scalable, High-performance, regulatory compliant, trading platform that features robust risk-management, trade surveillance, advanced trading tools and state-of-the-art enterprise grade security system powered by machine learning. Our platform was created to satisfy any security, anti-money laundering, and market manipulation requirements that regulatory bodies may have set forth. ONAM Exchange is ushering in a new era of standardization in digital asset trading by placing an emphasis on adhering to compliance, security, and usability. ONAM tokens are important to utilize the full capabilities of the our platform. Users will be able to save on trading fees, unlock extra tools and features including but not limited to Trade Assistant, Market Scanning tools, Trade Alerts and Signals. By employing ONAM tokens, users will be able to save up to 50% on trading fees, access market sentiment and BI analytics data, pay for trading bots, and much more.

Piotr Stogowski
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