A Decentralized Autonomous Ecosystem for Innovators

The main characteristics of innovators are a tendency to get bored easily and seek excitement in interacting with upcoming cultures, technologies and evolutions in economic models. Innovators are never satisfied with the current state of affairs. They also share this capacity to overcome the fear of social pressure to conform.

Innovators are the first to adopt a fashion trend, a technology and get remarked by their peers, which gives them INFLUENCE.

The main challenge for innovators is the multiplication of gatekeepers on their way to promote, fund, distribute their innovations, because innovation means risk, and the higher the level of disruption, the higher the risk of failure.

Cryptocurrencies and ICOs have helped innovators in FinTech to overcome these challenges by connecting directly the crowds with the project founders and establishing an organic chain of trust. NEW LIFE will be dedicated to extending this philosophy to all areas of life, including culture, lifestyle, work, collaboration, tools, assets and all forms of collective creativeness.

This network of innovatve and creative influencers will connect through the use of the ecosystem and the token and will be able to accelerate their path to early adopters and early majority adoption.But instead of waiting for going mainstream to monetise, they will be able to already monetise from the start.

NEW LIFE is THE revolution.

Jan Halfar
Jan HalfarLinkedin
Crypto Investor, Business Developer & Investor at NEW LIFE - Pre ICO soon
Preston Chaunsumlit
Sofiane Delloue
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