Myoho Opens New Dimensions for Crypto Trade with Its Unique Platform

Myoho is a cryptocurrency exchange that works for the benefit of every crypto user. As an exchange, it definitely gives you the advantages such as 0% transaction fee, security and speed. On top of it, Myoho will not just be an exchange. Myoho will integrate its platform travel giants to give seamless experience to travelers with the help of blockchain. With a decentralized platform, Myoho will not only make the exchange of cryptocurrency easy, it would also make it more feasible for people.

Our aim is to usher the world towards a safer and faster means of business, which benefits everyone. Myoho will enable its users to exchange tokens in reward to purchase products without investing FIAT currencies. Through blockchain, it is possible to conduct transactions directly between the two trading parties without any intermediary. Peer-to-peer architecture allows you to do that with and Myoho has leveraged this technology to make its platform useful for its users.

The benefits that Myoho delivers will not be only limited to travel, it would outreach the other domains such as E-commerce platforms as well. The users of Myoho will be provided with wallet, which they can use for buying, storing and exchanging cryptos. They would also get token-based trading accounts for hassle-free smoother transactions. Each transaction would be sealed with smart contracts which makes the history of transactions indelible. Myoho platform is capable of processing a high volume of 100,000 transactions per second.

With all these highlights, Myoho is going to launch its ICO on 1st October 2018. Being a visionary project, Myoho has taken care of its investors. It has made sure that the investors that the due benefits in form of returns and they are entitled to get bonus in each round of ICO. Let’s take a brief of ICO details which would also help you to schedule your token purchase.

ICO Round                  Duration                      Bonus        Price of Token
Presale                    1 Oct – 30 Oct 2018         10%         0.000050 ETH
Round 1                 30 Oct – 30 Nov 2018          30%        0.000068 ETH
Round 2                   1 Dec – 15 Dec 2018         20%        0.000068 ETH
Round 3                 16 Dec – 15 Jan 2019          15%        0.000068 ETH
Round 4                 16 Jan – 15 Feb 2019          10%         0.000068 ETH
Round 5                 16 Feb – 2 Mar 2019            5%          0.000068 ETH



·        Soft Cap – 4000 ETH

·        Hard Cap – 10,000 ETH

·        BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC and LTC will be as payment.


Distribution of Tokens:-

60% - Pre-ICO & ICO Event

20% - Team

15% - Reserve Tank

5%   - Advisors


We have given an ample amount of time to our investors to plan their purchase. However, we suggest them to buy it with the maximum bonus. The distribution of tokens is done keeping our future operations in mind. Myoho welcomes everyone into the world of blockchain with its ingenious project. Thank you for reading.

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