The All-in-one Exchange to Secure, Manage & Trade Cryptocurrencies. is an easy exchangeable platform that can switch digital currencies between each other. The coin switching as we call “Morph" combines the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. is designed for newbie or seasoned traders, it’s a unique coin swapping exchange to give the user the best exchange rates with low spreads, secure and backup coin and quickly and easily move cryptocurrency around without the hassle of getting into the traditional exchanges that are over complicated and extremely difficult to manage digital assets in todays market.

MetaMorph is a first of it’s kind enabling anyone to be able to easily exchange and store coins in a secure wallet, check portfolio with easy to understand charts and backup in realtime.

The way exchange works is we use hash-time logged contracts which essentially means when you send over a transaction and its received by the other individual, it will either complete or refund both of them in an entirely trustless manner, this allows traders that you may or may not know to buy or sell anonymously while having your account stay safe and secure.

Why is this important?

In todays cryptocurrency world there are two types of exchanges, Centralized exchanges or Decentralized exchanges. With centralised exchanges they have full control over your funds, they are not anonymous and they can be hacked and they can also have server downtime.

With Decentralized exchanges you have full control over your funds, you can trade anonymously, there is no opportunity for hacks or server downtime. 

(Pros and Cons) 

With Centralized exchanges they are typically easier to use (let me quote for advanced traders) however complicated for crypto traders getting started, the upside they have more advanced tools and liquidity.

With Decentralized today they are not easy to use, they have basic features and the user experience is pretty poor leading to less people using them and resulting in lower liquidity.

At we are on a mission to build the best decentralized exchange on the planet which will be easy to use, provides advanced tools, it will have lowest fees, you will have full control over your funds, have the ability to trade anonymously, have no opportunity for hacks or server downtime.

With MetaMorph Pro you’re able to conduct these transactions in an extremely trustless manner without ever fearing when your tokens are leaving your possession or when you are making a transaction leaving an opportunity for your coins to be hacked because you are in full control.

The vision we see at is we believe the Centralized model is coming to an end. We say that because as these hacks keep happening every single month it's very obvious this cannot last like this. When Japan was hacked 70% of the trading community lost their confidence and it took months to recover from such a loss. For cryptocurrency trading to continue moving forward we believe a more resilient trading environment is needed. 

With we really saw the need in the marketplace through our own frustrations, I had my own personal reasons and experienes which led me on this path of building the worlds most user friendly exchange. friends and family losing passwords and not understanding how to trade properly on these way too advanced and over complicated exchanges.

We believe it's time to bring out to the market a decentralized easy to use all-in-one tool with advanced reporting solutions but without the complications and compliance issues that a traditional crypto exchange has. is intended to be the most user friendly decentralized exchange on the planet with the lowest fees in the industry. Join our token sale today -


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