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LibertyLance is a self regulatory decentralized gig based marketplace for freelancers and clients built on the Ethereum blockchain. Our platform gives freelancers the opportunity to showcase their gigs for a particular fixed price and will give clients the opportunity to select from various gigs based on the ratings, price and delivery. Smart contracts will be used to ensure smooth transaction and act as an escrow medium between the two parties without involving any middleman. LibertyLance aims to transform the gig economy by providing a self regulatory and trustless system between the freelancer and the client. It intends to solve many underlining problems currently faced by the freelancing community such as: Centralized marketplace authority, high transaction fee, security of funds, delayed withdrawals and undeserving reviews.
Dawood Khan
Dawood KhanLinkedin
CEO @ Libertylance ★ Gig Based Marketplace ★ Smart Contracts ★ Blockchain Based
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