WHO ARE WE? A brief introduction about JoinGrowth Corporation was founded in 2010, starting off as a consulting company for Oil business in Reliability, Automation and Productivity subsequently endeavored to diversify into more than 12 different lines of business activities. Some of the activities we forayed into and succeeded include but are not limited to Computer Software based on web platforms, Elementary School, Middle and High School, Real Estate, Franchising, Hardware Technology, Rental Cars, Hotel, Technology Research, etc. Looking into the future as part of an innovation program JoinGrowth is foraying into the BlockChain space by launching the JoinGrowth Coin (JGC) which is a utility token to help people get the education they need at no extra cost. This is the beginning of great project where at the end the purpose of JGC is to buy this cryptocurrency and secure the future. JOINGROWTH COIN OVERVIEW The JGC is designed to work on the Ethereum blockchain ERC20, its features are intergraded and has its own exchange and wall
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