Intiva Token

A decentralized medical credentialing system, built to save billions in outdated admin processes.

Intiva Health currently works with thousands of medical professionals and numerous facilities to automate costly and inefficient administrative tasks. By incorporating Hashgraph decentralized ledger technology, we will redefine the medical credentialing process and create a solution that will instantly verify provider’s credentials—cutting months’ worth of processing time to a matter of seconds. lntiva Health is saving the industry billions in time, allocation of resources and quality care. We also offer free HIPAA compliant messaging, along with a comprehensive online library of CME/CE courses, and a robust job search engine tool.

Jake van Wagner
Jake van WagnerLinkedin
Implementation Specialist at Intiva Health
John Hartigan
Garry McIntosh
Shawn Frasquillo
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Darren Jones
Darren Jones
Qualitative Researcher

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Replyon March 29th, 2018
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