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We’ve heard you! We know our whitepaper is just too long! If you’d like to get a quick glance about Inmusik before committing yourself to the whitepaper, download Inmusik Lightpaper here, or just read on:

What is Inmusik?

Inmusik is a blockchain-powered music ecosystem for listeners and musicians to monetize from creating, discovering & up-voting music content.

Who is Inmusik for?

For Listeners:

  • Monetize from verifying, voting and curating quality artists and music
  • Access to a library of music content licensed from major labels and independent artists
  • Help the success of musicians and get paid a percentage of earnings

For Musicians:

  • Get fair and transparent payouts from streams and community votes
  • Automatic payouts to all bandmates and/or copyright owners
  • Engage and grow fanbase while generating extra revenue through merchandise and shows

For Labels:

  • Increase digital rights management (DRM) accuracy powered by Blockchain
  • Significantly reduced legal and administrative expenses
  • Real time and transparent data on streams and music engagement

Why Inmusik?

  • Disruptive and Viable Business Model
  • $7 Million Invested by the Times Group
  • Partnership Deals with Major Labels
  • 18,000 Independent Artists Already Signed Up
  • Proven and Vastly Experience Team
  • World Class Board of Advisors
  • Fast Moving & Large Market
  • World’s Most Advanced Streaming Platform


  • Music Streaming Platform
  • Extensive Music Library
  • Monetary Incentives for Listeners and Music Lovers
  • Monetary Incentives for Musicians
  • Blockchain Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Fair & Transparent Payouts
  • Copyright Verification
  • Transparent Voting System
  • Quickplay Discovery

When do we start?

  • Pre-sale — March 4th to September 4th, 2018
  • Token Sale — September 5th to October 5th, 2018

Terms of Sale

  • Pre-sale — Softcap (5,000,000 $OUND); Hardcap (40,000,000 $OUND)
  • Token Sale — Hardcap (400,000,000 $OUND)

Token Details

  • Token Name — Sound Coin / Sound Token
  • Token Symbol — $OUND
  • Token Type — Ethereum ERC20
  • Total Tokens Issued — Hard Capped at 400,000,000 $OUND
  • Initial Token Price — 1 $OUND = $0.10 USD
  • Purchase Methods Accepted — USD, INR, EUR, BTC, ETH
  • ICO Launch Date — September 5th, 2018

Core Team

Stephen Brett — CEO / Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur with over 17 years’ experience in the music industry. Business strategist and co-founder of 500 Designs designing business solutions for Cisco, 3M, Blockfolio, Tara and GSVlabs.

Robert Bowling — CMO

Lead two $1 Billion launches with Call of Duty and did a total fo $4 Billion while he was with the company. His first company was a record label that grew into a successful music magazine.

Kumar Srivastava — CTO

AI & Blockchain expert with extensive experience working with Microsoft, Apigee (acquired by Google), ClearStory Data and BNY Mellon. Also an author and thought leader in this space.

Vivienne Piong — Head of Product

Creative Director and co-founder of 500 Designs leading design on more than 50 apps and web platform which have been used by millions. Managed a large distributed team of designers.

Yuka Kobayashi — Director of Media and Events

Right hand woman to Stan Lee (Marvel Comics Writer) at ‘Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment’ as former director of New Media and Alternative Content. Instrumental in the management of several major Marvel events in LA.


Neel Grover — ex CEO of, Bluefly and Rakuten
Matt Michelsen — behind Lady Gaga’s network, Backplane — crypto investor
Jesse Taylor — inventor of the Apple App store
Kay Johansson — CTO of Gracenote, audio fingerprinting and licensing tech
Mandar Thakur — COO at Times Music and music industry expert
Ankur Desai — IPO’s and $3.4 Billion Private Finance from Intel, Sprint and Google
Piyush Puri — investor with the Times Group has worked on 16 ICO’s
Tamara Khan — CEO of Kure Health and product strategist 
Robert Wood — Blockchain economics expert who been behind 5 successful ICO’s
Alec Wright — COO of GSV Labs and business strategist
Li Jiang — investor at GSV Capital and crypto enthusiast
Evon Onusic — serial entrepreneur, founded and sold Algo (acquired by Meltwater)
Chris Ellis — serial entrepreneur and blockchain investor
Kuni Takahashi — SVP of Rumblefish and expert in music licensing
Ken Dabkowski — Principle at Kanu Strategies and policy advisor

Stephen Brett
Stephen BrettLinkedin
Founder, CEO and advisor - Blockchain and Cryptocurrency investor
Moiz Arenpurwala
Moiz ArenpurwalaLinkedin
Head of Marketing & Operations @SoPact
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