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Welcome to HDXchange,

HDX is a cryptocurrency exchange which has come up with groundbreaking solutions and offers never before seen or heard. We have prioritized profit distribution to a level which no other exchange has ever done. Our bonus schemes and offers will give a life-time benefits to our investors. All our ICO investors will get 40% of the future exchange revenue and we are providing Peer-to-Peer transaction architecture which brings the trading commission fee to 0%. In addition to that, we have five different cryptocurrencies for you to choose from which are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. We firmly believe that we can expand ourselves only when people associated with us grow. We have ensured that our schemes multiply the benefits among the investors and token holders manifold. We are very enthusiastic to announce the launch of our ICO which is scheduled to go in five different phases, starting from April 20th 2018 till May 30th 2018. Here are the benefits that we are doling out to our investors and token holders.

                                                  ICO SHEDULES

DATE                                            PHASE             USD/HDX            TKN QTY             BONUS             ICO DAYS
April  20th – April 26th                    Presale                 0.30                 3 MILLION              40%                    7
April 29th - May 5th                   1st Round ICO           0.50                 5 MILLION              30%                    7
May 8th - May 14th                   2nd Round ICO           0.70                 7 MILLION              20%                    7
May 16th  - May 22nd               3rd  Round ICO           0.90                 8 MILLION              10%                    7
May 24th  - May 30th                4th  Round ICO           1.00                 10 MILLION             0%                     7

Here's the limit of token purchase in different phases of ICO:-

Phases        Minimum Purchase         Maximum Purchase
Presale               100 Tokens                    10000 Tokens
1st Phase            100 Tokens                   5000 Tokens
2nd Phase           100 Tokens                    3000 Tokens
3rd Phase            100 Tokens                   3000 Tokens
4th Phase            100 Tokens                   3000 Tokens

Registration Bonus - 20HDX Tokens(FOR FIRST 5000 REGISTRATIONS ONLY)

20HDX tokens will be immediately allotted to your account once you register for HDXchange and this is absolutely complimentary. We want to encourage people to buy our tokens in a way that benefits them.  We aim to achieve a client base which verifies all the claims we are making. This is a bid to build confidence and strengthen relationships with people who are backing us. We are distributing this as a token of acknowledgment and want people want to know that we value their consideration.

Referral Bonus - 8% Instant BTC

This is indeed one of its kind deal and has never before offered by any exchange. We are offering 8% of referral amount in Bitcoin instead of our own tokens, which will be instantly credited to your dashboard. For example, if another user referred by you is purchasing 500HDX tokens, you'll get 8% of the total purchase in Bitcoins. The bitcoins that you earn can be instantly withdrawn through "Dashboard" on the website.

ICO sale bonus- 40%,30%,20%,10% and 0%

Another unparalleled scheme is provision of additional tokens throughout the ICO duration. If you purchase tokens during pre-sale you'll get 40% additional tokens. For example, if you buy 100 tokens during pre-sale, you'll get 140 tokens in total. The same formula is applied in the subsequent offers. Next ones are 30% during the 1st phase of ICO, 20% during the 2nd phase, 10% during 3rd phase. There will be no additional tokens provided during the last phase of ICO.

HDX has high values and we believe in overall growth of economy and society. Our team has years of experience in different domains and we have channelized all our knowledge and prowess into this project. We have conjured resources that are hard to come by and utilized them in the most efficient manner. Our toil has finally rendered a product which we all wanted to create and we are overjoyed to share our story among HDX extended family. We wish that the efforts we put in will bear fruitful results and years of success.

Register now and get 20HDX Tokens: https://hdxchange.io/

Referral Bonus 8% BTC (Only on first purchase of your referred person). And you can withdrawal BTC it or can purchase HDX.

Join Telegram Community: https://t.me/hdxchange

High Defination Exchange
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