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The global e-Commerce market is rapidly growing every year. In 2017, the B2C global online sales market amounted to as much as 2.3 trillion dollars and it is estimated that by 2021 it will amount to 4.5 trillion dollars which shows the worldwide trend in terms of the way people spend their money.

Imagine there is a system where everyone who wants to start their online business does it without any obstacles by entering their e-mail address on the website to become the owner of their own online store. And literally, it takes only a short while.

The store is equipped with categories with millions of products (the free version is limited to one thousand products). By moving the certain tiles they create a category layout, and thus each store becomes unique and one of a kind, almost immediately ready to sell products on the web. Every owner of such a store changes its logo and configures it according to their own assumptions.

Fully automated logistics system will make the ordered product sent directly by the warehouse to your client. You do not have to deal with it! All you have to do is to check the sales profit that accumulates in your account and that’s it.

Imagine that in the entire e-Commerce Automation system we introduce our own coin into circulation for value exchange. It is GuarCoin. Imagine that we allow you to use it in hundreds of thousands of e-Commerce stores.

The e-Commerce Automation solution was designed for entrepreneurs who run their businesses, who are wholesalers or producers and look for the best possible way to sell their products on a large scale with little effort on their part. Thanks to the e-Commerce Automation platform, they receive a ready solution ensuring easy distribution for their products.

E-Commerce Automation was also created for people who want to turn a small company into a big one, and at the same time enjoy the freedom of work from any place in the world.

The Blockchain technology has opened huge opportunities for thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. Thanks to the technology, it is possible to protect your customers’ data. You can also use it as an internal payment system of your own ecosystem.

Today, we can enjoy the benefits from the solution that allows you to connect the two fastest growing markets - the e-Commerce industry and Blockchain technology.

E-Commerce stores have been associated with a single online store so far, where every entrepreneur ran his own business. However, the combination of advanced mechanisms allows you to create the in the entire infrastructure in a way that each person running an online store which is a part of the entire e-Commerce ecosystem.

Everyone works for the success of each store owner and support one another with the use of an extensive affiliate engine. The customer network of all stores is connected with one chain. It means that regardless of place of residence, every client recommended to the system, is automatically assigned to the chain.

In addition, the internal system of exchanging values with the use our own tokens simplifies the purchasing processes, providing additional benefits to clients using our GuarCoin tokens. This is just one of the numerous possibilities offered by the Blockchain technology.

The system will operate based on full dropshipping. Dropshipping is a logistic model of online sales involving the transfer of the shipment process of goods to the supplier. The role of the online store in this logistic model is minimized to collecting orders and sending them to the supplier who deals with the shipment of the goods to the customer. It means that you pay for the goods only when your client pays you.

Imagine that you have a solution at your disposal, in which there is no competition despite many other stores belonging to the e-Commerce Automation system. In fact, you are always in a winning position, because you own not only your store, but you have the opportunity to promote other stores located throughout the system. Thanks to this, you earn commissions from the products in those stores, and your referral client is always your client in the entire system. It means that from now on, whenever you make purchases within the e-Commerce Automation system - you will receive a commission from every penny you spend.

Sometimes we see some investment and we are convinced that it will certainly be great and there is no risk. However, as in any business, something unpredicted might happen that will prevent us from implementing our plans. Projects based solely on plans, but no steps have been taken to implement it, usually involve the greatest investment risk.

Pay attention to one thing. When we began implementation of our project, we did not have to use the external capital to implement it. Our goal is not to raise capital for the creation of a project, but for its great momentum, as fast as it is possible. As a great business team, we have already shown that obtaining a turnover of several million dollars is not a problem for us, just the opposite. If we have a great product, we know how to make good money on it, and today we can use investors who purchase tokens GuarCoin.

This not only ensures the stability of the entire project, but above all guarantees a constant increase in value for GuarCoin tokens and gives us many more opportunities to implement the entire project.


GUARIUM - New Generation Of The Global Platform
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