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Gramarye Media is the cross-media entertainment studio of the future fueled by blockchain

Gramarye Media is a disruptive book publisher, a film studio, a game developer, and more. We’re the world’s first content incubator.

Gramarye Media is the cross-media entertainment studio of the future, the first on the east coast -discovering, incubating, vetting, producing, and distributing original content, including books, films, games, AR and VR, merchandise, and more. We’re disrupting the Hollywood studio model.

With budgets soaring, original content is risky because it lacks brand awareness. Meanwhile, analysts and executives agree: the cycle of sequels and remakes is presenting increasing danger to industry profitability.

In addition, there is tremendous waste built in to the Hollywood system.

Executives and analysts agree: Hollywood spends at least twice what it should making films.

Gramarye has recognized that these issues provide an opportunity for disruption. Our process is based on three core concepts:

1.   Reduce Risk — Discover original content with a built-in, proven audience

2.   Produce Content at a Significantly Lower Cost for multiple cross-media channels in concert to open new opportunities for revenue generation

3.   Own access to Distribution Channels

All three pillars will generate revenue.

Gramarye makes disruptive use of blockchain technology in two ways:

• First, Gramarye’s SEC-Compliant STO (Secured Token Offering) raise makes us the first major studio funded by a cryptocurrency offer. It’s not just a Gramarye raise — we’re investing in a complete ecosystem of partner companies, each of which expand our capabilities and return dividends to token holders.

• Second, Gramarye uses blockchain utility tokens (which cannot be purchased) to provide meaningful rewards and incentives to fan evangelists who spark the viral spread of brand awareness, and to stream content directly to consumers hungry for the core, generational stories that unite us all.

John Adcox
John AdcoxLinkedin
CEO, Gramarye Media, Inc.
Arthur Stepanyan
Arthur StepanyanLinkedin
Entrepreneur and Innovation Guru
Don Dudenhoeffer
Don DudenhoefferTwitter
Christopher Golden
Christopher GoldenLinkedin
President at River City Writers
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