An incentivised gold ecosystem


Put simply GOLDFUND (GFUN) is helping near term precious metals producers get into production by providing the capital they need. In return GOLDFUND is rewarded with part of the production, which is returned to GOLDFUND for purchase by Gold Buyers.


Why Mining? And Why Precious Metals?

Historically, access to valuable commodities like gold have been restricted by their high price. By Tokenizing their value, a much smaller investment can be made that will give the same percentage returns.

When you buy GFUN Coins you are providing GOLDFund with the capital to develop Gold Mines. GOLDFund finances the production and a percentage of the Gold is made available to GOLDFund. GFUN coins can then purchase discount Gold directly from GOLDFund via the ZOMIA Gold Exchange. GFUN Coins can will be able to be traded at anytime, anywhere in the world using peer to peer transactions or Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Not only will they be traded globally at any time, the transaction is settled instantly, and conversion to Local Currency becomes simplified.


Why choose GOLDFUND?

The best investment is one that does not decrease in value. Precious Metals continue to climb and their long term value has been reinforced for centuries. GOLDFUND.IO is a platform that allows the new digital currency to provide development capital to proven Gold resources.


GOLDFUND's goal:

Provide development capital for Proven Un-mined Gold Reserves

Return of physical gold from precious metal production

Exposure limited to participants in a Regulated and Audited marketplace

A guaranteed discount on Gold Purchases made with purchased GFUN coins

Liquidity of GFUN coins on Cryptocurrency Exchanges


How Does This Work?


Set up your own Crypto Wallet to store Bitcoin and purchase GFUN Coins. With purchased GFUN you can trade the Coins on a Cryptocurrency Exchange and purchase discount Gold from our precious metals producers.


How are funds raised being spent?

GOLDFund takes a percentage in the actual gold produced by near term Gold Producers. That is, GOLDFund takes a percentage of ownership of the actual Gold that is in the ground, prior to being mined.

As our GOLDFund is used to finance the extraction of the Gold, we take a defined percentage (varied on the amount the company requires in GOLDFund capital) of the Gold.


When​​ will ​​the ​​GOLDFund coin​ ​start ​​trading ​​on ​​crypto ​​exchanges?

We are integrating on both Domestic and Offshore Cryptocurrency Exchanges. The Exchanges will be announced after 1st December 2018.

Tim McKinnon
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