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GLEDOS (Global Education Solution) is a blockchain-based answer to a raising demand for a tailor-made and relevant on-demand education for the modern age. The platform provides a single-place-to-learn solution with education pathways, recommended by the leading AI algorithms.

GLEDOS platform revolutionizes learning by bringing tailored learning to those who need it. Whether you’re a first-time student, continious or a lifelong learner, we connect a wide range of content providers with your non-formal and formal learning needs. We enable the creation of education programs that meet the needs of employers, increase the employment rate, and improve the standard of living for everyone.

GLEDOS is a platform for content providers to publish their online lectures. GLEDOS’s main differentiating quality is derived from the interactive exchange of information between students and businesses, smart contracts, and built-in artificial intelligence engine to help navigate the students’ learning pathway. It offers unique benefits to students, professors, businesses, and finally the society through these key benefits:

1.    Shortens the education period from an average of 4 to 5 years to 1 to 2 years to get the first job, merely because student attended the lectures most suitable for a particular employer or business field.

2.    Offers the opportunity to study globally, participate in high-quality sessions provided by top lecturers, and adjust the studying to their time preference.

3.    Using smart contracts to set the rules for businesses or governments to invest in learning (voucher-based).

4.    Enables the students to build a learning plan with the support of AI as a combination of lectures across multiple universities or other educational programs.

5.    Engages students with businesses in the early phases of studying to get valuable experience.

6.    Matches the student profiles with the best-fit employers.

7.    Uses the blockchain to store student’s achievements.

8.    Offers a new level of partnership between educational institutions ,professors, students, and businesses.

9.    Motivates professors to deliver high-quality sessions and to improve in deprived or lower evaluated activities.

10.  Offers a new credential model to increase the students’ probability of getting work.

GLEDOS runs on its own blockchain-based digital currency model – GLEDOS token that brings several benefits. GLEDOS token will be the fuel of the platform, used by students, businesses, HR agencies, and content providers. It is an application-specific token, built on top of the existing Ethereum blockchain, allowing us to give the users back the value of the GLEDOS learning solution.

The GLEDOS token will be used as:

    ●  Subscription (gas) to use the solution

    ●  Payment from HR agencies to get the insights

    ●  Scholarship investment into blockchain related skills

    ●  Scoring for the top student, top lectures, and top talent matching

Principal focus and unique differentiation of GLEDOS from other online learning providers is a constant partnership with businesses. Businesses will be providing input on their current, contemporary needs to lecturers in order to be able to shape and update their lectures. Businesses will not evaluate the quality of the session, but instead provide upfront key market requirement. Lecturers represent the know-how holders to prepare and shape the lecture based on the input. GLEDOS has built-in interfaces to collect such input in the format of surveys, such as providing keywords for your business, prioritizing from the list, selecting on the scale from 1 to 7 what best describes your needs, etc.

The additional partnership is established directly with students. Having students engaged with the businesses throughout the study increases the students value-to-market and employability. GLEDOS uses smart contracts to define the agreement between a student and a company for the following scenarios:

● E-projects: for businesses to invite students (and potentially lecturers) to engage in the real business projects for a certain period. Using a smart contract, businesses define the expectations, and students get the credit when expectations are met.

●  E-mentorships: help students navigate their studies, select the most appropriate lectures to fit the profile of industry or function and introduce the student to real business cases.

●  Scholarships: an opportunity for businesses to invest in best-fit students and secure students’ commitment to join the organization after studying. Smart contracts will be used to define the rules of expectations regarding scholarship.

GLEDOS will collect essential data on students’ potential and development per geolocation, industry, and functions. With the students’ approval to use their data, GLEDOS will partner with HR functions to help identify best-fit candidates for their job position.


Vanja as
Vanja asLinkedin
Freelance strategic marketing advisory • Blockchain Advisory • Digital marketing • Startups • Media buy
Ajas Midzan
Ajas MidzanLinkedin
Student at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law
Aljaž Petek
Aljaž PetekLinkedin
Legal Assistant at Sberbank banka d.d., Slovenija
Kristjan Brozović
Kristjan BrozovićLinkedin
Student Liaison at Gledos
Neva Ulčar
Neva UlčarLinkedin
Student Liaison at Gledos - Single place to learn - Undergraduate Student at Vladimir Bilić Law Office Ltd.
Anthony Camilleri
Anthony CamilleriLinkedin
Policy Consultant, Project Manager and Quality & Standardisation Expert
Marko Milos
Marko MilosLinkedin
CTO at Undabot
Mitja Jermol
Mitja JermolLinkedin
UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for Open Educational Resources and Open Learning at Jozef Stefan Institute
Bostjan Antoncic
Bostjan AntoncicTwitter
Boštjan Koritnik
Tomaž Valjavec
Domen Romih
Janez Zemljak
Dražen Bajcer
Dean Zagorac
Nejc Romih
Tjaša Slatič
Nina Pfifer
Rok Sprogar
Davor Eric
Dora Surija
Sinisa Cvahte
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Ivan Milicevic
Dejan Tosic
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Vesna Teichmeister Mujanovic
Peter Merc
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