Etheraffle ICO

A new paradigm in charitable giving funded by an Ethereum-based lottery.

The Etheraffle ICO is a unique proposition, a new paradigm in charitble giving funded by an Ethereum based lottery.  Live now at, our decentralized app runs a fully working, Ethereum based lottery. The entries, the draw and the distribution of prizes are carried out entirely by smart-contracts, ensuring complete transparency, security and fairness. Etheraffle works in tandem with EthRelief,  a platform built to distribute a portion of the profits generated by the lottery. Through EthRelief, a chosen charity would receive 100% of the donated funds, transparently, immutably, and verifiable forever on the blockchain. Etheraffle LOT token will grant the holder voting rights in both platforms, participation rewards paid in Ether relative to token holdings, and free entries to the lottery. The Etheraffle ICO features a unique tiered, stacking bonus structure. Early entry to the ICO is incentivised by preferential rates but uniquely, also through a bonus structure that encourages early participants to spread the word.
Greg Kapka
A new paradigm in charitable giving funded by an Ethereum-based lottery.
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