Decentralized global collaboration platform

Enkidu offers a global collaboration platform where individuals can find like-minded collaborators - designers, engineers, developers, creators, e-commerce experts, content writers, small ticket investors and even coffee brewers. All of this on a public platform with each individual carrying a rating. On Enkidu, multiple collaborators can "team-up" to work on a project by signing a companyless digital contract. The payment gateway is central to the project, splitting each incoming payment to it's recipients depending on that collaboration's cap table. Enkidu uses a proprietary “resolution” voting system that has a private record of resolutions (action items) passed by the collaborative entity - allowing people to vote on decisions like dilution, treasury threshold, etc. Unlike a full-blown DAO like Aragon, this resolution system is predefined, lightweight and built for organizations under 5 employees without the necessity for a company entity. The Enkidu payment gateway programmatically obeys the resolutions passed.
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