Tokenizing and reducing real estate commission.

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Deedcoin builds both the vehicle and fuel for future real estate transactions. Every 10 Deedcoin eliminates 1% of commissions paid on any property. Deedcoin is a useable token and 50 Deedcoin saves a maximum of 5% of a home's price as commission using local Deedcoin real estate agents. Based on the average home price of $188,900, Deedcoin can save $9,445 (5% commission) for the average user with 50 Deedcoin used. This $9,445 in savings divided by the 50 Deedcoin means each Deedcoin provides $190 savings to the average consumer. The Token Launch Event releases Deedcoin at $1.50 per token to create the Deedcoin platform and agent network. Everyone benefits as the free market replaces commissions in the era of blockchain.
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DeedCoin cryptocurrency saves users $225 per token on the average home
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1.50 USD (150 cents)
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