CyteCoin - a crypto-currency that builds the underlining infrastructure layer of AR/VR/360 advertising ecosystem. Through the tokenization, content producers, event organizers, KOLs, sponsors, advertisers, merchants, and audiences can now be promoting and transacting their products and services through a unit of CyteCoin. This decentralization model will also be accelerating the adoption of AR/VR/360 content consumption making CyteCoin the most powerful and widely accepted crypto-currency in the digital advertising space.

Peter Yu
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CEO of CyteCoin
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Peter Yu
Peter Yu
CEO of CyteCoin

Orichal Partners has become our first institutional investor

I'm very pleased and excited to announce our first anchored investor - Orichal Partners, a premier ICO advisory firm and an institutional ICO investor. Orichal has been instrumental to our ICO right from the start and assisting us in all phases of the project. Its investment is a testament of our quest to become the world's first Decentralised AR/VR/360 Advertising Platform using Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency - CyteCoin.

Orichal has an awesome and very talented team, and we look forward to working with them on a long-term basis.

Thank you, Orichal!

Replyon April 12th, 2018
Peter Yu
Peter Yu
CEO of CyteCoin

3 Key Takeaways from the Blockchain and the Enterprise event in Macau

Over seventy attendees representing Macao Youth Leadership Council and Macau Social Associations, including startups, local investor, gathered in Macau on Wednesday, 4 April to learn more about blockchains are changing the enterprise.

The guest speakers kicked off the night with a vibrant discussion about Blockchains and Cryptocurrency, and how these new technologies will disrupt the world. Blockchain is like a public ledger and it is decentralised in the sense that allowed for transparency, security and immutability for consumers to conduct peer-to-peer (P2P) and within smart contracts - has the potential to disrupt nearly every industry changing the way business truncations are performed. Blockchain technology have a growing impact on the way the world transacts and does business and more companies are taking the lead by positioning themselves to capitalise on this opportunity and development their enterprises as leaders in this industry.

The discussion was followed by "Blockchain Ecosystem Showcase", where thought leaders shared insights and the latest updates from projects they are currently working on.

Dr. Noah Tang- Researcher on AI, Public Policy, Economics, Investment and Education - gave us an overview of the future potential of the blockchain applications.

Adrian Lai- Co-founder of Orichal Partners talked about the current state of blockchain. "Cryptocurrencies today are akin to the internet in 1996; not just new technology but radical new kind of technology."

Kevin Chan- VitualCyte's COO with over 18 years in digital advertising industry - told us more about Blockchain and what the company does to reinvent the traditional advertising business model.

Tree Yip- CyteCoin's Blockchain Architect with over 12 years of experience in Blockchain design and development in Ethereum based application - talked about how CyteCoin can solve the challenges of interconnectivity, scalability and record management by providing the advertising platform for individual to engage with each other.

Here are the key highlights from these engaging discussions:

- Blockchain is the backbone of supply chain digitization. At its full potential, blockchain improves the customer experience, drives value end-to-end, and roots out inefficiencies, thereby lowering costs.

- Up to 38% of crypto user base lies within Asia Pacific. This also means tremendous growth in this market where cryptocurrency and blockchain applications provide a scalable and cost effective infrastructure.

-VirtualCyte is the First Adopter to work with CyteCoin on Blockchain Solution. CyteCoin bypasses intermediaries, providing more cost-effective advertising.

Replyon April 12th, 2018
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