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Conduit is a revolution. At Conduit, we're changing how we interact with computers and ultimately each other. Adapting blockchain technology, we're creating a computing network that provides distributed computing by paying people for their spare computing resources. As great as blockchain's decentralized technology is not every one can "mine."‚Äč We're turning decentralized technology into universal technology. The result is the next stage in the PC revolution as we provide the most powerful computer the world has created available at your fingertips. As a community we come from the world of Bitcoin. Valuing Internet Freedom, Collective Action, and Individual Empowerment, Conduit is not just technology but a medium to a better future for all of Mankind. Fundamentally, our technology is a physical expression of the fact that no matter how big the problem is, when we break it apart we realize we all can have a role to play in solving the problem.
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