We are transforming $200B industry of digital content

BitImage is a smart open digital marketplace with decentralized content licensing where you can trade, purchase, or search for unique digital media content. We employ the groundbreaking capabilities of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to provide the most accessible way of getting the required digital content - be it a video, image, graphics, or audio.

Users can benefit from BitImage in two ways:

  • Library: Search through the existing digital media from extensive collection and supplement it.

  • On-demand works: Request new digital media from creative users.


The Market

Global digital content market is $200B, projected to grow 9% annually by 2020 to reach $259 billion.


Big market players:


Current Market Problems:

  • Copyright Violation.

  • Price monopolization.

  • Tiring search of necessary content and its long validation.

  • High prices for customers and low royalties to authors.


Our Solutions:

  • Decentralized content licensing and blockchain allows authors to protect the copyright safely and customers to guarantee uniqueness of purchased works.

  • Artificial Intelligence of BitImage verifies uploaded digital media in a few minutes and can provide analytics to monetize the content as soon as possible.

  • On-demand work implementation will allow buyers to order new unique content fast.
  • The use of crypto currency eliminates a layer of centralized financial intermediary, thereby reducing commissions and increasing value share for users.

  • The platform will create a free market economy where the price of content is determined individually.


Token Economics

BitImage token or BIM is a cryptographic token of the ERC-20 standard based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is required to purchase digital media content on the platform.


Total Tokens: 10B

Hard Cap: $21M

Purchase method: ETH

2 Sale Rounds: $3M and $18M

Token Price: 1 ETH = 130,000 BIM


BitImage ia a revolutionary service that will become a new standard by bringing new technologies to the stock media content market.

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