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Earn as your eat. Blockchain at your doorstep

A large food delivery service network combined with power of the blockchain - That is BiteCoin in a nutshell. The world's first crypto-backed decentralized food delivery network.Every order made by the user will be rewarded with our new token. We employ scalability accross all our platforms for an unmatched fast performance and latest techniques in fault tolerant control for robustnestss. All our payment and data system is secured with a cryptographic-tunneled encryption layer on top of the industry standard SSL/TLS protocol built-in. We use non-repudiation of origin and destination payment tracks using one-way encryption techniques thereby mitigating risks of DDoS attacks. With an enormous user-base of daily lovers of BiteCoin app and you - the community supporters, we will create a digital asset trading platform which will also include BiteCoin-BTC trading pairs right from the beginning. This will pull in large crowds of food lovers to the crypto community, empowering both those individuals and the community as a whole
Aftab mohiyudeen
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Abid rahman
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Abid Rahman
Abid Rahman

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Abid Rahman
Abid Rahman

Feel free to ask questions/comment on the project and/or implementation.

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