Identifying each online visitor and customizing website content

BehaviourExchange will enable B2C businesses to identify visitors and their personal characteristics when they visit their website. With the help of blockchain technology and its own cryptocurrency BEX, BehaviourExchange will offer services to any company, not only to advertisers who pay for advertising campaigns. Businesses will know who their visitors are in real-time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They will be able to customize the website’s content in real time and engage with visitors proactively, offering information about products or services that correlate with their needs and interests. Every single visitor will see different content, products or services when visiting a certain website, which results in a valuable personalized interaction that will more likely lead to a desired action (e.g. the purchase of a product or service).
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This is going to be an exciting coin to watch, as the project application has the potential to change the way website owners connect with their visitors.

Replyon May 1st, 2018
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