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AQWIRE is a global property marketplace powered by Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology. AQWIRE enables property developers, brokers, and agents from all around the world to sell their units and extend their reach to the global market. This gives property buyers access to a wide variety of units across the world, bypassing multiple levels of intermediaries and ultimately reducing the time and cost to acquire a unit. 

Renz Marcelo
Renz MarceloLinkedin
Marketing and Promotions Manager at Qwikwire
Rizz Dela Cruz
Rizz Dela CruzLinkedin
Project Manager at Qwikwire
Inno Maog
Inno MaogLinkedin
Chief Marketing Officer at Qwikwire
Earvin Ang
Earvin AngLinkedin
Chief Financial Officer at Qwikwire
Junji Refundo
Junji RefundoLinkedin
Sales And Marketing Specialist at Qwikwire
Ray Refundo
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Jayneel Patel
Jayneel Patel
Founder & CEO at Orderhive, OpenXcell

How aqwire is different than Realisto?

Replyon February 12th, 2018
Renz Marcelo
Renz Marcelo
Marketing and Promotions Manager at Qwikwire

Hi Jayneel! AQwire is not a tokenized version of REIT (Real estate investment trust). AQwire (QEY) tokens do not allow you to buy a portion of a property for investment. Instead, it allows you to buy into cross-border real estate from top property developers anywhere in the world at Groupon level discounts. I invite you to join our telegram group to know more about AQwire: Thank you and have a good day!

Replyon February 12th, 2018
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